PHP MySQLi Dynamic Development with Dreamweaver CC with less coding or without coding

Published on July 8, 2020 12:53 PM by Raza

Dynamic Web Development is very interactive long term & modifiable development.This is based on Write One Run Anywhere (WORA) or Write One Run Everywhere (WORE)’s slogan.Web Development is very important job in Information Technology department.different Developers use different ways of develop websites.some developers write their own codes some developers use Model View Controller(MVC). in this article I will tell you how to develop website with less coding or without coding.before Creative Cloud version of Adobe Dreamweaver there was Server Behaviors panel in Dreamweaver which is not now by default you can download from here. but it is not supported by PHP 7. for latest version of PHP you can use new Server Behaviors extension which is created by WebAssist. WebAssist MySQLi Server Behaviors.

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